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About Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is situated in Southern Dalmatia, the most beautiful part of the Adriatic coast. Rich vegetation, beautiful lakes, rare islands, white pebble beaches and the crystal clean sea, all make this region to an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Dubrovnik region consists of numerous small "jewels" that are worth visiting, small authentic villages, untouched islands and, of course, the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the crown jewel of them all. - Since 1979 the Old City is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. - The most recognizable feature which defines the history of Dubrovnik and gives it its characteristic are its intact city walls which run uninterrupted for 1940 meters encircling the city.

This complex structure, one of the most beautiful and strongest fort systems in Europe, is the main attraction for the city's visitors. Five fortresses, St. Lawrence and Revelin together with another three incorporated in the city walls, Minceta Tower, Fort Bokar and St. John's Fortress provide its visitors with unforgettable views of the city.

Places of interest:
The State Archives in the Sponza Palace, The Franciscan monastery with the museum that contains the Old Pharmacy's inventory dates back to 1317, The Dominican monastery, Treasure of the Cathedral , Rector's Palace, Island of Lokrum

Where to eat in Dubrovnik:

Restaurant Mimoza,
Restaurant Proto,
Restaurant Wanda,
Restaurant Moskar,
Restaurant Taj Mahal,
Restaurant Renaissance,
Restaurant Kamenica
Pizzeria Baracuda